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Cyclical Los Ranchos

Developing leaders toward sustainability in a church-starting ecosystem.

At Cyclical Los Ranchos, our team identifies and supports discerning church starters, church starters, and existing churches as they join the mission of God through the natural and historical lifecycle of starting new churches. This growing collective of leaders is an ecumenical community of innovators that share a common culture and set of practices created to thoughtfully start new churches across East Los Angeles, Southeast Los Angeles County, Long Beach, and Orange County.

What is Cyclical

Los Ranchos doing?

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Church Planting Discerners Groups

Training Sessions for Church Starters

Churches Planting Churches

“Church plants are God’s kingdom infiltrating the world. And while it’s not an immediate transformation, with proper care and attention, it can bring light to the darkest corners of our cities.”

Jason D Bradley

Cyclical Los Ranchos at a Glance

Cyclical Los Ranchos identifies discerners, discerners eventually become church starters, and the new churches will start new churches in the future, starting the cycle again.


Rev. Martin Garcia,

Cyclical Los Ranchos Director

330 W Broadway
Anaheim, Orange County 92805


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